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14th April Meeting
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Added: 14/4/19

For up to date results click onto my laps link on main page.
Added: 18/4/2018

Keeping track of your lap times and finishing positions is important if you want to know how to improve your performance on the course. This requires insight and accuracy. If you donít switch vehicles often and want a permanent transponder installed, the MYLAPS Car Direct Power Transponder will keep you constantly up-to-date with your performance data.
Added: 30/01/14

Racers know: the key to mastering a course is finding the perfect line. But how do you know when youíve found it? Insight into your lap times will tell you. The MYLAPS Car Classic Transponder tracks your lap times to the millisecond. This information is passed on to race officials, and published to your personal MYLAPS account, for you to analyze and share. This transponder is rechargeable and can be used for all kinds of car racing.
Added: 28/01/14

Extend the use of your Car FLEX transponder and renew your FLEX subscription with 1, 2 or 5 extra years. The MYLAPS Car FLEX Transponder is the most widely used transponder in stock car, oval, GT, formula and rally racing. This transponder times each lap to the millisecond and determines the winner in even the closest of finishes. Insight into your lap times will help to improve your performance.
Added: 27/01/14

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